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DIY seashell statue decor

seashell decor

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I LOVE beach decor.  It's so simple looking and it gives such a clean, serene feeling in our home.  When we took our last vacation down to Sanibel Island we found some great shells for some crafts, but we also stopped at the Shell Factory store in Cape Coral and bought a few bigger shells to craft with.  I had seen these seashell statues online and they were expensive and painted a real shiny silver color that just didn't look right.  I knew I could make my own seashell beach decor and it turned out perfect!

What you'll need:

wood for your base
1/4" wooden dowels (I used 1/4" dowels}
drill and 1/4" drill bit
acrylic paint
hot glue gun and glue

Start by cutting your dowels to the height that you prefer.  Remember when cutting, that some of the dowel will go into your wood base and some will be behind your seashell.

Take your drill bit that matches the size of the dowel you chose and drill about 1/2" into your base.  Use a little bit of glue and push your dowels into the hole of your base to make sure they are secure.  When you have them together, you can give them a coat of paint so they can begin to dry while you work on the seashells.


To drill the hole into your shell can be a bit trickier.  If you have a spare shell, do a practice hole so that you can get the fell of how it works without ruining your seashell.

Place a small piece of tape inside the area of your shell where you plan to drill.  The tape will help the drill bit stay in place while you are drilling your hole.  Then using your same drill bit, drill a hole through your seashell.   


If your dowel and base are dry, you can attach your shell to your dowel.  Carefully twist  your dowel through the hole of your seashell.  I was able to carefully turn the dowel in as if I was screwing it into the shell.  You want it to be about 1/4" through the hole.  Then take your glue gun and apply some glue all around the hole and over the top of your dowel inside your shell to make sure it is secure.  While your glue is drying, make sure that your shell is on straight and drying in place how you would like it.


Attaching this shell was much easier.  I just wedged the dowel right inside of the more open space of tottom of the shell and rested the top of the dowel inside the top of the shell.  Then I applied plenty of hot glue to make sure it was securely in place as well.

When the glue has dried completely you are ready to display them. 

I also had a few more shells leftover so I made another seashell statue, but this one held two shells.   They sure add a great beachy touch as well as giving some height to my mantel decor.

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