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DIY seashell orb

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When we bought our beach house I couldn't wait to start decorating with beach decor.  Unfortunately everything I found was expensive!  Very expensive.  So I had to start DIYing some things. 

One thing I saw that I knew I could make was a seashell orb.  I already had made a driftwood orb, but wanted one with seashells.  And since we live near Lake Michigan we have an abundance of mussel shells so this DIY was no problem!

What you'll need:

mussel shells
styrofoam balls (I used a 1" ball for this one)
hot glue gun and glue

This is pretty easy to put together.  Start in the middle of your styrofoam ball by putting a little dab of glue on the end of a mussel shell and gently pushing it into the ball.  Work your way around the middle of the ball making sure that your shells are pointing straight out of the ball.  Next, add a shell to the end of the styrofoam ball so that your shells will be standing straight out.  Continue pushing your shells into your styrofoam ball on one side of the ball to fill in one half of the ball.  Add extra hot glue wherever you need the extra hold.  I added a dab of glue where the shell meets the ball on just about every shell just in case.  As you work your way around the ball, make sure that your shells are always standing straight out from the ball so that the orb will look even.

Once you have one side of the ball done, work on the other side of the ball the same way that you did the previous half.

When you are all done, take a step back and look a little closer at your orb.  Fill in extra mussel shells wherever you see gaps and holes.  If there's no styrofoam to push your shell in to, just add some glue and hot glue your shell to another shell.  When you are happy with it you are ready to display it!

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