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DIY sandwich bag wreath


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I am in love with this wreath!  It looks so sparkly, sort of like seaglass, which is perfect for this beach inspired wreath.

What you'll need:

a wire hanger or some wire to make a frame
150 sandwhich fold top bags
misc ribbons and decor for your wreath

Start by shaping your wire hanger or your wire into a circle.  If you are using a hanger, you can fold down the hanger part or use a wire cutter to remove it.  Twist your ends around if you need to make the wreath hold it's shape.

Then it's time to start adding your baggies.  Take one baggie at a time and gather it from top to bottom in the middle of the bag and tie it in a knot around your wire.  When it's tied on, fluff out the ends of the baggie a bit to make it look full.


Continue knotting your baggies around your wreath until you have it nice and full.  I used up almost all 150 of my baggies on a 12" wreath.


When you have it completed you can add your decor to it.  I used coordinating ribbon colors and tied pieces of the ribbon around my wire and knotted it.  Make sure if you use ribbon to heat seal the ends to keep the ribbon from framing.  I also made up the cute little sign by using this painted DIY sign to make the perfect lettering.

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