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Essential oils

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I have been using essential oils for about 15 years now.  My first experience with them was right after our family doctor suggested chamomile essential oil to help with panic attacks and anxiety.  At that time I had heard of essential oils but was not very familiar with them. Because of the doctors suggestion, we ran out to our local health food store and grabbed a bottle of chamomile essential oil.  And since them, I have done a lot of reading so that I could learn as much as I could about essential oils. Some things before you go out and use them:
  • There is A LOT to learn, so learn.  Do your own research.  Do a lot of research.  And learn from reputable organizations like the and NOT from companies who just want you to buy their oils.  These people have not have proper essential oil training.
  • There is a huge difference between perfume/fragrance oils and essential oils.  Know the difference.  Fragrance oils are synthetic and are meant for your oil burners, etc.
  • Always, always dilute your essential oils.  Essential oils are very strong and it is not at all necessary to use them full strength.
  • Please do no ingest your oils.  Again, essential oils are best used diffused into the air, topically or even just inhaling them.  Some companies suggest ingesting them.  Again, do your own research and trust this to the medical professionals not a sales rep.
  • CPTG or certified pure therapuetic grade essential oils are not better than other ones.  And actually, this phrase means absolutely nothing.  It is a phrase coined by an essential oil mlm company to make their oils seem superior or to make it seem that their oils can be used medically or internally.  Again, this is completely false.  There are many exceptional essential oil companies, many whom are better than said mlm companies. 
  • Always use caution when diffusing essential oils around babies and children.
Here are a few commonly used essential oils and their aromatic benefits:

Lavender = relaxing and healing
Tea tree = antibacterial
Orange = cheering and uplifting
Lemon = clearing and antiseptic
Chamomile = calming and anti-inflammatory
Eucalyptus = antiseptic and anti-inflammatory
Peppermint = refreshing and cooling

The FDA does not regulate essential oils, so in turn, essential oils can't cure, treat or heal any diseases. 

We've been using oils for trouble relaxing and sleeping, headaches, anxiety and ADHD symptoms as well as tinnitus (ringing in the ears) and for improving circulation among many other things. If you are looking to start using essential oils, I would recommend starting with some basic "everyday" oils such as LavenderPeppermint and Tea Tree.  These are great oils to get you started as they can be used for a variety of things and as such, they are affordable oils.  Also, do not forget to purchase a carrier oil to dilute your essential oils in.  I use grapeseed oil as it is not a heavy oil and it does not have a heavy, greasy feel.  Also, you can find grapeseed oil very cheap in any supermarket or even at walmart.

You can also make your own essential oil blends!

I use these essential oils, but there are many other quality essential oils you can choose from such as these essential oils as well as these essential oils.

When you blend your essential oils you need to store them in glass. I always use these bottles to store my oils and I use these roller bottles to pour my blends into for easy application.

* This is not medical advice.  Please always consult your physician before trying something new.

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