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DIY canvas / burlap photo

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I picked up these burlap squares at Target and they were clearanced to about $2 a piece.  Score!  I've decorated most of the house in a beach / lake theme with a lot of nuetral colors so I knew I had to work these in.

You could also do something like this with a canvas square, but just cover it with burlap and staple it to the back.

You will need:

burlap squares / canvas squares
burlap if using a canvas square
hot glue
photo printed and cut to fit.  My squares were 12X12 so I cut my pictures 8X8
Optional: mod podge and extra ribbon, colored burlap, etc to decorate.

I printed off all my pictures first and then covered them with 2 coats of mod podge.  You don't need to, but because of my big drooling dogs, drool tends to fly through this house and I swear they aim for everything I hang on the wall.  Once they are dry, cut them out.

While the mod podge was drying, I fit and then cut my coral burlap.  I had planned to use white, but with all my neutral colors, white wasn't looking right.  And this room has some coral and teal in it, so coral was the perfect way to add a pop of color to my pale blue walls.

Glue your burlap/ribbon onto the frame.  Once that has dried, place your picture where you want it and glue it down.  I put a dab of hot glue on each corner and then on each side around the coral burlap so that it didn't bunch out there.  That's it!  Hang that beauty up and enjoy it!


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