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Upcycled beach chair

DIY repurposed upcycled wooden chair

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Have an old wooden chair laying around?  If not, you can find one pretty cheap at a thrift store or garage sale or even in the free section on craigslist.  This one was left behind at the house we bought.  Probably because it was pretty unsturdy and it looked like it had been used for during many different painting occasions. 

It was ugly and filthy. , but it sure had a cute style.  I couldn't toss it - I knew I'd eventually come up with something for it.  I've seen many chairs that had been patiently painted, but I did not have the sit in me to suffer through days of meticulous painting.

Then one day while I was browsing pinterest for a picture idea it struck me.  I was going to make it look like the picture idea I was looking for - make it look like a beachy sunset.

Now you could do anything - an ocean, a lake, sunrise, sunset, rainbows, etc.  And you can do as many or as little colors as you want.  I am a hoarder when it comes to spray paint so I had quite a few to work with.

You will need:

wooden chair
assortment of spray paints

My chair had thick gobs of old latex paint on it so mine needed to be sanded a bit first.  You could lightly sand your chair as well, but spray paint sticks to wood quite well.

Paint it!  I'd suggest having a picture as inspiration near you so that you can easily refer to it.  I started at the top of my chair and worked down with the idea that the spray paint would fall down and I didn't want it to land on what was already painted.  Once you are done though, you can go back and touch up areas.  Remember, this type of painting isn't about painting in the lines so don't be so hard on yourself.  Have fun and enjoy being creative!

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