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Before and after bathroom remodel

diy bathroom remodel   DIY small coastal bathroom remodel

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This was our first attempt at a bigger remodeling project.  My dad had built his home, so he knew what we needed to do, but the hubby and I did not so we (hubby and I) were nervous to start demolishing a perfectly good room.

This was a laundry room.  Now let me tell you.  This house had a tiny bathroom inside the kitchen and this larger than average sized laundry room in the hallway of the main part of the house.  Why they didn't make this a laundry AND a bathroom is beyond me.  They only had a washer, dryer and a utility sink in here.

We had planned to remodel our kitchen and remove that bathroom so we had to convert this into a full bath.  My dad knew exactly how we should lay it out, but I just couldn't envision it all so I put all of my faith in him.

We removed the baseboards and the drywall where the tile for the shower was to go and replaced it with the cement board.  We also measured out where the shower pan would sit and then removed those tiles and applied a leveling compound there to make the floor nice and level for the shower.  After that it was re-doing water lines in the basement, getting lines ready for a toilet and putting in the venting for the exhaust fan.

We installed a new corner unit shower, added a toilet, a beautiful light fixture, sink and vanity.  But my favorite part?  Don't laugh.  This room has a laundry shoot from the upstairs hall closet.  Now with having kids bedrooms upstairs and getting the laundry downstairs, this was like heaven. 

I really, REALLY wanted to keep the laundry shoot, but I didn't want it in the main floor bathroom.  So my genius dad, built a floor to ceiling cabinet that incorporates my laundry shoot.  The bottom door of the cabinet opens up to reveal my hamper so I can pull it out when it's time to do laundry.  It's awesome!  Yes, I know, the little things.  :)

              diy coastal bathroom              diy coastal bathroom  

The paint we used in this room was Glidden's Highest Mountain Mist.  We got the toilet, shower pan and door, lighting, mirror, vanity and the Imperial wave sink ( I LOVE this sink!) all at Menards.   Many of these items were found at other home improvement stores, but our local Menards had the best prices. The tile we got from a local tile bargain outlet store.

From a laundry room to this - I wouldn't have believed it was possible!  I love it!

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